miércoles, 21 de julio de 2010

Andrea escribe para el Blog.


6 students of the 8 who form the group met in Cobisa on the 7th of July.

We were driven there by our parents and accompanied by brothers, sisters, etc.

We arrived at two p.m. and were inside the class until the bus went.

We were in the bus for two hours and we arrived at the airport.
There, two more students arrived and we were together until the plane took off, more or less at seven.

We all could not all sit together, and we sat separately, finally, at nine more or less we landed in Ireland.

In the airport, we picked up our luggage and went to school by bus, where our host families were waiting. They called out our names and we went with them.

When we arrived to the houses, we were installed there and spoke with the family.
Finally, we went to bed because we were really tired.

Personally, I was a bit afraid because it was the first time I flew in a plane and travelled abroad.
But when we went into the plane I was more afraid because, before the plane took off, it stopped several times. But when it took off I was calmed and it was not as bad as I thought.

Andrea de la Cruz Martin

Thank you Andrea.


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