viernes, 23 de julio de 2010

Fran escribio para el blog

Glenda Lough

We went on Saturday 17th of July.
We went to Glenda Lough with others groups by bus, the other groups were French, Italian and a few Russians.
The trip took an hour and ten minutes. The countryside was very beautiful.
The weather was sunny and hot.
When we arrived the first thing we did, was to eat our lunch on the grass.
Then we went to see the “Lower Lake”, it is the smaller lake of the two and had a waterfall near it.
After a 5 minute walk there was the other lake, called “Upper Lake” it is the largest and it takes 20 minutes to cross it on foot, in which a woman drowned, I know this because she had a tombstone on the promenade.
Then at the end there was the Miner’s village.
At the beginning of the route there was another village which had a monastery and a few houses.
In my opinion, Glenda Lough, the valley of the two lakes, is very beautiful, it has a lot green landscape, it is advisable for a visit for everything I’ve said, it is all natural, they take good care, it has beautiful views, and I loved it, I would love to repeat.

Very good Francisco and thanks very much.

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