sábado, 24 de julio de 2010

Ivan escribio para el blog.

The National Wax Museum

It was a cold and rainy day; A good day to visit a museum.
We went by bus with an Italian group to the city centre.
When we arrived at the museum we took photos in the entrance.
It was very hot inside because the air conditioning wasn't working.
The museum has four floors:
-the first floor was about terror and middle ages.
-the second floor was about the modern age.
-the third was about music.
-the fourth was about cartoon characters.
We went to the cartoon room, where the girls enjoyed the wax figures more than us.
There was a tunnel where it was necessary to go through.
We took a lot of photos and other pictures with figures of Batman, the Simpsons, etc.
Finally there was a room of the famous, we saw characters from Star wars, James Bond, generally about movies, and also there was the late Michael Jackson. We went to buy gifts too.
I liked the visit very much and I'm enjoying my visit to Dublin too.
Thank you Ivan, enjoy your stay.

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