viernes, 23 de julio de 2010

Maria rodriguez escribio para el blog


On Saturday 17th July we went to visit Power’s Court Gardens in the county of Wicklow.

The weather was cloudy but with a very nice temperature.

We travelled by bus and it took 35 minutes to get there.

The first thing we saw was the house, a very old building, we passed through the house to the gardens.

First we went to the tower and then we took a 40 minute route,

We saw the “Italian Garden” and went through a path towards the “Winged Horses”. Behind them there was the “Triton Lake” and to the right the “Pet’s Cemetery” and we walked straight on to the “Dolphin’s Pond” that takes you to the “Walled Gardens” next to the “Bamberry Gate”

The gardens were full of flowers of different species and they were all very beautiful.

Finally you turn right and you arrive to the main building again and then the route is finished.

I liked the excursion because I love walking in the forests, looking at trees and flowers.
We took a lot of photos and I think the “Italian Gardens” were the best.

I would like to go back another time.

Maria Rodriguez.

Maria is our youngest student this year. Well done Maria congratulations very good.


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