sábado, 24 de julio de 2010

Paula escribio para el blog.


On the first day in Dublin we visited the city centre on an orientation tour.
We took the bus and in the city centre first we saw "The Spire" (in the heart of Dublin city, its 120 metres high)
The Spire was built at the beginning of the second millennium.
Later, we visited the statue of "Molly Malone", which is located at the end of Grafton Street, opposite Trinity College.
Simon, the teacher who talked to us about these places explained about the "GPO Building" (general post office) it is a landmark building.
Dublin was split up into two parts - North and South-:
The rich in the South and the poor in the North, separated by the "River Liffey" which only had a bridge the "Ha’Penny Bridge" and the poor people had to pay half a penny to pass to the rich places.
Personally I think Dublin is a nice city which has many beautiful and historical monuments.


Thank you very much Paula, good work.


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