lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

Alejandro escribe para el blog


On Wednesday 6th of July, my group and I went to the Guinness building in Dublin.

The Guinness Factory of St. James‘Gate was founded in 1759 and today produces 3 million of pints in a day for the European and U.S.A. sales and markets.

Guinness beer was created by Arthur Guinness, who mixed four basic ingredients (water, brewer’s yeast, barley and hops) and used mysterious methods to find the correct manner to create this beer.

We visited the Guinnes Storehouse, which was producing beer from 1904 to 1988, and is now a tourist attraction with seven floors dedicated to the history and the production of Guinness.

The building was designed like a gigantic pint. In the basement, there is a shop where the visitors can buy some Guinnes products.

On the first floor, the process of Guinnes creation is explained by videos.

I think that the second floor is the most interesting part because it is the history of Guinnes publicity and it is very beautiful.

The most important part of the third flood is a video which shows all the events which were published by Guinness, and also there is an exposition about the life in the factory.

On the forth floor, the Guinness history is showed by another exposition and on the 5th floor there are two fantastic bars to eat something with a beer (only for adults).

Finally, the 7th floor is the Gravity bar, where you can see all Dublin with fantastic views.

We enjoyed the excursion very much, but maybe with a pint of Guinness the trip would have been fantastic.


Gracias por tu aportacion Alejandro.

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