jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

Antonio escribe para el blog Sabado 2 de Julio


On Saturday we went to Clonmacnoise, it is a monastery settlement and university city of early Christian Ireland that attracts students from all over Europe.

It was founded in the 6 century by saint Cioran and was popular for thousand years.

In 942 AD a flood destroyed half of the monastery. The monks finally left in 1552 after an English garrison looted the monastery and left it legend repair.

As in the 16 century, flooding still continues at Clonmacnoise.
As a result, it is unsuitable for human habitation but makes it ideal as one of the richest wildlife areas in Europe.

Before the monastery we went to the bus and we went to the river Shannon and caught a Viking boat and we enjoyed the scenery, the river Shannon is the longest river in Ireland and was used by the Vikings when they staged a number of their raids and monastery settlements throughout the local area.

The excursion was very didactic but the monastery wasn’t close to Dublin and the time on the bus was very boring.


Gracias por tu aportacion Antonio.

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