jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

Gemma escribe para el blog Domingo 3 de Julio 2011

Sunday 3rd July 2011
On sunday we travelled by train to PortMarnoch Beach and the Village of  Malahide.
 This last site is a small tourist village and has lovely views of the sea and a small center with shops. We had scheduled a visit to the ancient castle that day but the weather was unusually good in Ireland and we preferd to enjoy the day at the beach next week we will go to the castle.
Before going to Malahide we saw the wonderful views of Portmarnoch Beach where my friends decided to, bravely and crazily, go bathing.
This is more or less what we did on Sunday now I will tell you what we saw: we enjoyed a landscape that mixed the blue of the sea with the green of the grass, it's a fantastic feeling to get your feet wet and dry on the soft grass. I saw an endless sea with cloudy skies in trying to sunrise. Ireland is a country totally different to Spain but it is lovely for its scenery.

Gracias por tu aportacion Gemma

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