lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

Irish Dance

Irish Dance

Last tuesday our group and other students form Mount Temple School went to see a dancing performance in Clontarf, one of the neighbourghoods in which Esperanza, Miriam and Marta are living. We took the Dart and in five minutes we were all in the theatre. After a short introduction, the musicians started to play. They were four, 2 boys and 2 girls. One of the girls played a flute and the other one played the banjo (it's a stringed instrument with, typically, four or five strings, which vibrate a membrane of plastic material or animal hide stretched over a circular frame). The youngest boy played the guitar (a Spanish one) and the older one played a drum.

They played some Irish songs (Molly Malone was the most famous one) and then, three girls and a boy began to dance. I must say that I would never have thought it was so difficult..... The boy had a "fight" with the drummer which was really funny and entertaining. At the end of the spectacle, some of us were chosen to learn how to play the drum and practice the dance we had learnt at school some days before. Finally when the performance had finished we came back home by Dart again.

Muchas gracias por tu aportacion Pilar,

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