lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

Javier escribe para el blog


For a lot of years, Dublinia has been the heart of Medieval city and it’s not only an old place, Dublinia is a fantastic interactive museum where you can learn more about medieval society; if you visit Dublinia you can enjoy and understand a lot of things about Vikings.

In my opinion, Dublinia is a good idea for people who are interested in medieval culture and for people who want to know new things; I was in this museum and all I can say is that it,s a singular place where there is a lot of information about the old society of Dublin, and you can do other things such as: You can write your name in Viking language, you can hear extra information, you can put on your head a Viking hat, you can touch Viking money and the most important thing is that you can see the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, commonly known as Christ Church, which is inside Dublinia, where you can see a fantastic piano and nice colored windows and at the end of the tour you can visit the store a you can buy a lot of things.

To sum up, Dublinia is a recommended place to get a lot of knowledge, enjoy with your fiends and to do new things... if you’re thinking about visiting Dublinia you mustn’t doubt, go to Dublinia and admire this beautiful monument.

I have been in Dublinia and I think that it is a unique place.

Gracias Javier por tu aportacion.

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