sábado, 16 de julio de 2011

Miguel Angel escribe para el blog

The internacional sports day

it was a sunny day and a perfect day to play sports .the school was divided in four different colours:

red,white,orange and green .

We were in the orange team(the best team).the competition was divided in some different and strange events.

The first event was a fight with pillows where our participant wasn’t able to to win his fight.It was very funny but we lost this event.

The second event was a very strange race where we had to turn,jump and skip.it was very funny and this time we won (and one or two players were from Toledo).

The next event was another race but now we had to do a somersault and crawl, we won this game too.

The next event was outside,this was a funny and dirty game where the players finished wet. In this game we had to turn,slide by a wet place and score a goal, we didn't win this time but I think our second place was very good.

The group leaders played the same event but our group leader didn't play.

To finish we had the most important event , it was a contest for eaters.In this game there was only one person from each team, our player was Rodrigo. He had to eat two hots dogs in the less time possible.It was a very exciting game and of course we won.

To finish “The International Sports Day” we took a photo with all the school to finish a very funny day.

Miguel Angel

Grtacias Miguel Angel por tu aportacion

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