jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

RAQUEL escribe para el blog: PARTY DISCO


I’m going to talk about the disco party on last Thursday.
The disco party was in a pavilion with a little bar where you could buy something to drink. In this party there were Italian people, French people and Spanish people.

People attending the disco had to wear something Green, Yellow or White.

Before entering the disco the staff and yellow shirts painted us Irish flags on our faces or on our hands.

The music which the D.J. put on was fantastic because there were different kinds of music like reggae ton, funky, pop, etc.

There was a dancing competition where participants were dancing the best possible.

The disco party finished at 10:30 but everybody wanted more.

In general, it was a fantastic night and we are waiting for the next party disco.


Gracias por tu aportacion Raquel.

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