viernes, 15 de julio de 2011

Rodrigo escribe para el blog

Trinity College.

On Tuesday 12th July, we went to a tour in Trinity College where we saw a lot of things like the Barkley library or the Book Of Kells.

Trinity College as founded in 1502. In the main entrance, there is a statue of a famous Irish man, Burke who studied law in Trinity College.
Then, we went to see The Bell Tower, In the middle of the tower there is a circle whose legend tells us that who kisses in that circle, in the future they will get married.
Near the library there is a sculpture of two golden big balls, called “ Sphera con Sphera” This sculpture, also is in other countries, for example in Vatican’s state.
Near the Bell Tower, there is the dinning room where students can go to have dinner and get a free Guinness.
I think it was interesting seeing a foreign country’s college and also we could see a Trinity’s College classroom that was amazing.
At the same time that place is wonderful for superstitious people because is full of superstitious things.
I enjoyed the visit.


Gracias Rodrigo port u aportacion al blog.

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