sábado, 16 de julio de 2011

Sandra escribe para el blog

Sunday in the village of Howth.

On Sunday we met at half past eleven, and we went to Howth by Dart the local train.

First we went to a market where there was food like”Spanish paella“or sweets, also there were candles, books, jewellery etc.

Then we went to eat, somebody bought the food there. When everybody finished, we went to a second hand library called “The little Book Shop”, somebody bought books, some more of one…

After this and some photography in the library we went to the castle where Grace O’Malley (a famous pirate) visited Howth in 1576, when she wanted to visit this castle it was closed because the family was having dinner, so Grace O’Malley kidnapped the son of the family untill they opened the gates of the castle for her. She freeed him with the condition that always when she wanted, she could enter the castle, when she signed this agreement Lord Howth give her a ring.

Then we went to the golf club, but as it was raining nobody played, we were in a restaurant, some were reading, others playing cards ‘’mus’’, or on the internet with the mobile phone. We took photographs in the golf’s car and the car where Alejandro was started to move and he was frightened at the moment but then we were laughing a lot , it was very funny.

When we were coming back, we went to the library again, after we went in Dart to go to our houses.

My opinion is that we enjoyed the day much, but I didn’t like the weather because we couldn’t play golf.


Gracias Sandra por tu aportacion.

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