martes, 17 de julio de 2012

16 de julio Entrega de Certificados

Entrega de certificados:

Enhorabuena a todos chicos.









             Richard y Niall con Pat Fay el Director del Centro.


            Con David Bote.

                                                                      Con Alvaro Babiano.
Alvaro Huecas.
Andrea Marin.
                                                                  Niall y Hope.

lunes, 16 de julio de 2012

Carmen escribe para el blog

Carmen escribe para el blog:

Last Wednesday we went to see an Irish dancing show. We went to a building near Clontaf train station, there, there were 3 musicians: a woman, and two men. They played typical Irish instruments: a borom, an acordion, and a strange type of guitar that comes from Greece. They played songs but also we could see 3 young dancers: a girl and two boys, they danced different forms of Irish dancing. Also we could dance, the dancers`s mother showed us how to dance. We discovered that the Irish dancing is very difficult, but although we aren't great dancers of Irish dancing, we could pass a good evening and we enjoyed the Irish dancing and music.

Bea escribe para el blog:

Bea escribe para el blog:

The 1st. of July we went to Howth which is a fishing village where there is a lighthouse.
We went for a walk up to the castle and the golf club. We enjoyed it a lot and some people bought books in a little shop called: '' The Little Book Shop''.
There were two markets: one with food where some people bought pancakes, and the other market had interesting things like jam and pictures from Ireland. There was a harbour too, with seals and seagulls.
That day was the final football match of the European Championship and some people made bets.
We enjoyed that day a lot!

Monica escribe para el blog

Monica escribe para el blog:

Today it was raining, so we decided to go to the cinema and we had two choices: the first one was going to watch Spider Man and the other one was going to watch Men in Black 3. We did two groups; some left the school earlier than the rest, I was in the second group. We went to the cinema on foot and by bus; first we walked a little bit and finally we took the bus to get to the cinema. The cinema is called Odeon; it's big and quite expensive, I mean the tickets were cheaper than in Spain but not the sweets and popcorns. I saw Men in Black 3. The film is produced and directed by Steven Spielberg, one of the leading actors and most famous one is Will Smith. The main characters were J, O and K. The movie is about an alien that escaped from prision and wanted to kill K, so all the film is about this idea, but i would say that if I were you, I would go to watch this amazing film. Finally we came back home by bus.  
Andrea escribe para el blog:

We went bowling:
We went bowling the last day because it was raining, so that's why we decided to go there.
fisrt of all I'm going to talk about the location. I's a bit far, and we took two buses and walked about five minutes.
When we arrived we had to wear special shoes.
Afterwards we made different groups of 4 people each one.
Personally I was the worst player I only scored 18 points , it was very funny and we laughed a lot, although some of us didn't get more than 80 points. Moreover if you didn't want to play bowling you could play other games.
Fifty minutes later we went out and went to Burger King which was very close and ate chips and burgers or nuggets; then each one went to their houses.
Summing up, it was a great day and i would like to repeat it.

domingo, 15 de julio de 2012

15 de julio Visitamos Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle

Hoy domingo hemos visitado el castillo de Malahide y sus jardines y alrededores. El castillo perteneció a la familia Talbot que más tarde fue vendido a al consejo del Condado de Dublín.
Hemos pasado un domingo muy agradable y tranquilo con un tiempo maravilloso en el pueblo de Malahide.