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3 de julio Javi escribe para el blog

Javi escribe para el blog:

Home of Guinness, Dublin.

The Guinness storehouse of Dublin was built in 1902 as a fermentation plant for the St. James’s Gate Brewery, but in 1987 it was the closure of the fermentation plant. In 1997 the building was converted into the Guinness Storehouse by many architects from Dublin. On December 2nd 2000 the Storehouse opened to the public, and then many reforms were carried out, for example the one that took place in 2006.
In May 2011, Queen Elisabeth II and Prince Philip visited the Storehouse as part of a state visit to Ireland. Nowadays, Guinness advertising is very important all around the world and the ingredients for the beer are four: water, hops, yeast and barley.
There is a panoramic view from the highest floor from where you can see a lot of monuments.

We went there by bus and once we were at Dublin storehouse, we saw the process of making a Guinness Beer while touring around the factory.

There were many attractions and videos explaining the general process of how the factory is brought into operation and how to make a Guinness Beer. The factory consists of seven floors where you were explained the beer making process, whereas in some other floors there were restaurants, bars…and when we finished the tour, the group leaders told us that we could buy presents, things or souvenirs in general. I bought a T-shirt for my cousin who is six months old. It was great! People bought glasses, shirts, tablecloths, keychains… But I would like to come again in the future when I will be an adult for drinking Guinness Beer! And also, since the opening in November 2000 it has received over four million visitors.

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