lunes, 9 de julio de 2012

4 de julio Andrea escribe para el blog

Andrea escribe para el blog:

At the disco

On Monday we went to the disco, including my whole group with the teachers and other people from different countries: Italy, France, Argentina
    We met at 7:00pm in Super Valu and then we went together to the disco. The disco was in the Cricket Club Camp in Killester where people were practising different sports. It was very big. At the party all my friends and I were dancing, the music was very good and everyone was dancing, even some of the teachers. The disco had a minibar where you could buy: Fanta, Coca-cola…
    The DJ played very famous songs so everybody knew all of them and danced.
    We finished at 10:00pm and I came back home at 10:30pm, I was very tired so I went straight to bed.

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