miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

3 de julio Dani escribe para el blog

Dani escribe para el blog:

Dani. First day in Dublin.

Our first day in Dublin was confusing, tiring and grey but great though.

 It was confusing because we suddenly found ourselves in an unknown city a thousand kilometres away from our homes and some of us (including myself) found difficulties to find the bus stop to the school. You know, the typical minor problems.

It was grey , but not because of any problem but because the weather is always like that here; even though it wasn’t raining which made things easier.

It was tiring because after our classes we went by bus to the city centre with Richard, Esperanza, Emma and Kevin. We walked around the city and visited The Spire, Trinity College, the C.P.O. (Central Postmail Office) and lots of other places.

And lastly it was great because everything was nice and as we were finally in Dublin of course.

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