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3 de julio Fernando escribe para el blog

Fernando escribe para el blog:

In ireland there are a lot of sports. I am going to talk about the most popular ones: Gaelic football, Rugby and Hurling.
    Gaelic football is an outdoor team game. It's played with a gaelic football ball. For playing gaelic football it's required the same equipment as football. The ball can be handled during the game. The player with the ball must pass the ball after five steps. There are two scores, goals and points if the ball goes over the bar. Kerry is the best team of gaelic football.
Gaelic football is practised in Ireland, the Uk, the U.S.A and Australia.
    Rugby is also an outdoor team game. It is played with a rugby ball. The main difference between rugby and  gaelic football is that rugby is international and gaelic football is national.
You can kick tha ball and carry the ball. Rugby have two scores like gaelic football and hurling, make a try and drap kick, over the bar. The best Irish team is Leinster.
    Hurling is an outdoor team game which has Gaelic origins. This game has prehistoric origins. Its characteristics are the following: the equipment required is a ball, a stick and a helmet. In each team there must be fifteen players. The scores are the same as rugby. Hurling stick is made of wood from the ash tree, and the ball is made of leather. Hurling is the fastest game in grass. The best team of hurling is Kilkeny.

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