jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

Ana y Alicia escriben para el blog

Ana y Alicia escriben para el blog:

Last Sunday we went to a village near the sea called Bray. We went by train.
When we arrived we found that there was a funfair. Many people rode in some rides and others bought delicious pancakes or went shopping although there weren't many shops. On the beach there were many boats races. Some people went for a walk to the mountains, they walked a lot, they were very tired because they walked two or three hours, but the views were amazing and very beautiful so it was worth it and people exercised a lot. Near the mountains there was an aquarium too, and some people passed free because they didn't know that we had to pay for the ticket, but it was very funny. In this village there were a lot of missing people too. We were worried about that.
Anyway, the village was very beautiful and we had much fun!

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