lunes, 16 de julio de 2012

Andrea escribe para el blog:

We went bowling:
We went bowling the last day because it was raining, so that's why we decided to go there.
fisrt of all I'm going to talk about the location. I's a bit far, and we took two buses and walked about five minutes.
When we arrived we had to wear special shoes.
Afterwards we made different groups of 4 people each one.
Personally I was the worst player I only scored 18 points , it was very funny and we laughed a lot, although some of us didn't get more than 80 points. Moreover if you didn't want to play bowling you could play other games.
Fifty minutes later we went out and went to Burger King which was very close and ate chips and burgers or nuggets; then each one went to their houses.
Summing up, it was a great day and i would like to repeat it.

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