martes, 10 de julio de 2012

David escribe para el blog

David escribe para el blog:

Guinness elaboration process:

The other day we went to the Guinness Storehouse. Once we were there we saw the process of the very famous Guinness beer elaboration.
First they choose the best barley, hop (it’s a special plant which only grows in two zones of the world), yeast and they take the best natural mountain water.
The barley is malted, toasted and milled. Then it’s mixed with hot water and macerated. The liquid result is filtered and mixed with the hop until all the mixture boils and now it’s ready to be packaged.
The Guinness Storehouse is a building with the shape of a big Guinness pint. It’s really big and on the top of it there is the Gravity Bar, there you can se all the city, for example: Wellington monument, Phoenix Park, The Spire, The AVIVA Stadium….
It was a nice day.

Para recordar las fotos de la visita a la Guinnes Storehouse:

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