lunes, 16 de julio de 2012

Monica escribe para el blog

Monica escribe para el blog:

Today it was raining, so we decided to go to the cinema and we had two choices: the first one was going to watch Spider Man and the other one was going to watch Men in Black 3. We did two groups; some left the school earlier than the rest, I was in the second group. We went to the cinema on foot and by bus; first we walked a little bit and finally we took the bus to get to the cinema. The cinema is called Odeon; it's big and quite expensive, I mean the tickets were cheaper than in Spain but not the sweets and popcorns. I saw Men in Black 3. The film is produced and directed by Steven Spielberg, one of the leading actors and most famous one is Will Smith. The main characters were J, O and K. The movie is about an alien that escaped from prision and wanted to kill K, so all the film is about this idea, but i would say that if I were you, I would go to watch this amazing film. Finally we came back home by bus.  

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