martes, 9 de julio de 2013

Bea y Andrea escriben para el blog

Shopping Day

Today we went shopping in the centre of Dublin. We went to a lot of shops in Grafton Street. There were shops like Tommy Hilfiger, Carrots, Disney Store or Vans.

All the shops had sales on and we bought a lot of things at 50%. We ate an ice-cream too and we were walking along the street because there were a lot of people doing different things.

We saw people from the Animal Rescue with dogs and we spoke with them because it was interesting for us.
We had a beautiful day and we want to go there again.
Girls love shopping and here everything is cheaper so we are very happy because we have bought a lot of things.

Our favourite shop is Penneys because it has a lot of things and they are all very cheap. Boys have bought a lot of things too, like trousers, shoes, T-shirts or caps. 


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