jueves, 11 de julio de 2013

Diego escribe para el blog


Glendalough, which is also called the valley of 2 lakes was a religious place for centuries. It was attacked by both the Vikings and Normans. In 1398 was destroyed and stopped functioning as a religious centre. The remains of the main monastic complex are reached through the original portal. Glendolough still has a church known as St.Kevin’s kitchen. It has 1 room, a roof and a bell. There are 2 lakes: an upper and a lower lake which are both surrounded by the Wicklow mountains. To get to St. Kevin’s church we have to  travel by boat.

First we went to the lower lake and we got in the water- there were fish. The water was lovely and really cold. Then we went to the upper lake and there were lots of people.
I think the second lake was even better because it was bigger and the water was cleaner. The weather helped to make the place even more beautiful!

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