lunes, 8 de julio de 2013

Gonzalo y Jaime escriben para el blog


"Last Wednesday, we went to the National Museum of Ireland, specifically in Decorative Arts and History section.
Decorative Arts and History, is the part of the collection which is kept at the Collins Barracks site, a former military barracks named after Michael Collins in 1922. This place, was opened in 1997 and also holds the Museum's administrative centre, a shop and a coffee shop.
We could see different weapons, as well as various warrior costumes. We also had the pleasure of watching planes, battle tanks…

The museum gave us the opportunity to dress up in typical clothes. Some of our friends put funny old costumes on , it was fun!

After visiting the museum, we sat on the grass by the museum entrance sharing our opinions with the rest of the group. Finally, we took the bus to go home. The visit was interesting!"

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