jueves, 11 de julio de 2013

Lucia escribe para el blog


First of all, we went to Saint Paul’s College to take the bus to Powerscourt Gardens. On the bus we talked with our partner, listened to music etc. So we enjoyed ourselves!  Later, (after an hour and a half) we arrived in Powerscourt Gardens. There, we started a tour visit around those enormous gardens. We saw many types of flowers, a lot of trees, a tower, a fountain, and all those things were very nice.

 After that we took a group photo and rolled down the hills. We took the bus again and went to Glendalough. There, we first had lunch lying on the grass. Then, we went for a walk until a lake. That was so beautiful! On the way we saw some young deer. They were cute!

After that we went to  the Visitors’ Centre to watch a short film and the guide told us some curiosities about Glendalough. Finally, we took the bus and went home. We were so tired but we enjoyed ourselves a lot. It was a perfect day!

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