martes, 16 de julio de 2013

Monica escribe para el blog


On Tuesday evening (2.07) we went to see Irish performance in a theatre. I met the group in Clontarf  station.

We had  a great time for two hours; we danced , sang and also learned a lot of things about Irish typical dancing . There was a music band with a guitarist, a violinist, an accordionist and another typical instrument player which is called ‘Bhodran’ and  looks like a drum. There were  also three dancers:  two girls and a boy who explained how the instruments work during that evening.
At the end they asked for volunteers who wanted to take part in the performance. I was too shy to do it but my friend Javier joined in this funny game.

If we sum up all these things, it was a great afternoon at the performance of Irish music and dancing.

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