miércoles, 10 de julio de 2013

Raquel escribe para el blog

9th of July, 2013 Sutton Beach

Last Tuesday we went to the beach. We left school at half past one and we arrived to the beach at three o’clock. We went there by train. It was a very hot day so most of us swam in the sea. We met some Irish boys and four of us threw Angelica and Suzie to the sea with their clothes on!

We played football with Irish boys and volleyball with Suzie. It was a fun day because we took a lot of photos and we enjoyed swimming and splashing water at each other.
Some girls didn’t swim in the sea, but some boys splashed water at them. We had to leave at quarter past five so we began picking up at five o’clock. We came back by train but it took us some time and we arrived home around quarter past six.

We enjoyed ourselves at the beach a lot!

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