martes, 9 de julio de 2013

Ruben escribe para el blog

HURLING (iomanaiocht)

Hurling is a sport of celtic origin and it’s practised mainly in Ireland.  The girls’ version is called ‘camogie’. The Hurling finals take place in Croke Park Stadium in Ireland.

This sport is fast, energetic and exciting. There are thirty players, fifteen in each team. On the green there are: 1 goalkeeper, 6 defenders, 2 players in the middle, and 6 players  on the attacking position. The pitch is between 130 and 145 meters long  and 80 and 90 meters wide. If the ball passes over the crossbar one point is scored, but if the ball enters into the net under the crossbar three points are scored. The total amount that each team can have is five. The stick is called ‘HURLEY’ and the ball ‘SLIOTAR’. Things you can’t do when playing hurling are: picking the ball from the ground,  taking more than four steps, throwing the hurley or charging the opponent with your elbow. 

Hurling is definitely an aggressive and dangerous sport but is also exciting and a lot of fun.

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