lunes, 30 de junio de 2014

Andres Romero escribe para el blog

Visit to the city centre

First we went to the station in harmonstown, we checked with our leap card, its a card to pass on to the train.

We arrived at Pearse Street, from there we went to Trinity College, its the most important university in Ireland.

We walked to Grafton Street, we liked that place,there were lots of people and buskers and mimes.

We went to Stephens Green next to the park we bought an ice-cream then we went to Temple Bar its a very important pub, our group leader told us a story about this Irish bar.

Later we arrived at the Spire, Richard told us hour to get there if we get lost , its in front of the Post-Office.

We crossed the Half-Penny bridge. In the 19 Century early 20 people paid half penny to cross between the north and south of Ireland.

It was a great day and there was a good temperature.

Maria Corrales e Ignacio Gallego escriben para el blog

Visit to Glendalough

It means Valley of the two lakes and It's one of the most beautiful visitors destination, Glendalough is located in the Wicklow mountains National Park. It was created by a monk called St Kevin in the sixth century. Most of the buildings were constructed between the centuries V and X being restored in the nineteenth century. The monastery became an important pilgrimage center in the holy death. The monastery suffered several Vicking attacks but it suffered the worst looting in 1398 by the English.
We think Glendalough is a nice place where you can see a lot of religious monuments, the best for me it's the round tower, it's 33 metres tall. We walked around a lake about 1 hour this was great too. We saw a short film that was very interesting. We really like it, at the beginning it was sunny but then it was rainy but although the weather wasn't very good we had a good time and we would go back again.
By Maria Corrales and Ignacio Gallego

Maria Albiach y Lara Pedrosa escriben para el blog

Visit to Powerscourt
We have written this essay for our parents so they can read how we spent our time in Powerscourt.

When we got there we didn't know what Powerscourt was but one of our teachers of the school called Erica told us the story about it. In medieval ages the owner at that time wanted people to see how powerful he was so he decided to transform it into a big mansion. It's the 18th century a fire broke out and the mansion was destroyed by it. Now it is opened to the public for visiting its beautiful gardens.

On our trip Erica asked us to look for three important things: the cemetery, the Japanese gardens and one special tower. The cemetery was actually a cemetery for animals in which we could see many dogs and a cow buried. We all loved the Japanese gardens because they were so beautiful, they also had a waterfall and lots of rivers each with its bridge. There is a lot of grass and it is a great experience to enjoy. We also found the tower and we went up to see the amazing sights.

We also need to write about the fantastic experience we had in our free time. There were many slopes and almost  everybody rolled down them, we think that it was very funny and we had a great time watching it. Even Lara did it.

To sum up we had a great time there and we all think that the gardens and the house are things that are really worth to visit because we haven't seen such sights before.

By Maria and Lara.

29 de junio. Dia libre junto a las familias

El domingo dia 29 de junio, los chicos disfrutaron del dia libre para estar con su familia irlandesa.
A pesar de ello, quedamos en el parque junto al colegio para que aquellos que quisieran pudieran pasar un rato haciendo algo de deporte y damdo un paseo.

 Preparando el partido de futbol
 Leire, Miriam, Laura y Maria
 Preparados para jugar al futbol
 Descanso para comer
Bonitas fotos junto al jardin de las rosas
Maria, Ines, Maria, Miriam y Maria Corrales
 Realmente bonitas estas fotos

 Nacho junto a unas rosas amarillas.

 Miriam, Ines, Maria Corrales, Maria, Laura y Lara
 Miriam, Alberto, Lara y Leire
 Jaime de nuevo meditando
 Todos juntos fuimos a comprar un helado
Miriam e Ines

Laura y Maria

Luis e Ignacio

Leire y Maria

Miriam e Ines

 Maria, Laura y Lucia

Jaime y Enrique

 Que rico estaba el helado!

Maria, Laura y Lucia 

Maria e Ismael

Despues fuimos a dar un paseo junto al mar

Miriam, Maria y Lucia

Laura y Miriam


Ignacio y Luis


Maria, Clara, Leire y Lara sonrientes junto al mar

Los hermanos Miriam y Enrique

Los hermanos Eduardo y Ignacio

Parte del grupo

28 de junio. Visita a Powerscourt y Glendalough

El Sabado dia 27 de junio estuvimos visitando Powerscourt y Glendalough.
Dos lugares realmente bonitos y donde disfrutamos de un maravilloso dia.
En el autobus camino de Powerscourt

El grupo a la entrada de los jardines

Miriam, Maria, Valle, Isabel, Laura, Lucia y Maria Corrales

Richard, Alberto, Javier, Andres, Diego, Nacho, Jaime, Eduardo, Ignacio, Enrique y Luis

Maria Blanco, Maria albiach, Miriam, Leire, Clara y Lara

Foto de grupo frente al lago

Enrique y Javier

Algunos chicos en la torre de Powerscourt
Muy guapas las chicas!

Desde lo alto de la torre

Lara a la entrada del jardin japones

Andres y Eduardo

Foto de grupo en el jardin japones

Diego y Laura junto a una fuente

...e Ines y Javier
Clara y Leire

Luis, Maria Albiach e Ignacio en el cementerio de mascotas

Valle e Isabel

una mas en el cementerio de mascotas

Andres junto a los patos.

Leire y Clara
Algunas chicas entre los arboles


... a rodar colina abajo. No todos se animaron.

Lara y Maria en el cartel de la entrada.

Jaime concentrado

Escuchando a Erika a la entrada de Glendalough

Maria Corrales y Nacho

 Foto de grupo junto a la iglesia