lunes, 30 de junio de 2014

Andres Romero escribe para el blog

Visit to the city centre

First we went to the station in harmonstown, we checked with our leap card, its a card to pass on to the train.

We arrived at Pearse Street, from there we went to Trinity College, its the most important university in Ireland.

We walked to Grafton Street, we liked that place,there were lots of people and buskers and mimes.

We went to Stephens Green next to the park we bought an ice-cream then we went to Temple Bar its a very important pub, our group leader told us a story about this Irish bar.

Later we arrived at the Spire, Richard told us hour to get there if we get lost , its in front of the Post-Office.

We crossed the Half-Penny bridge. In the 19 Century early 20 people paid half penny to cross between the north and south of Ireland.

It was a great day and there was a good temperature.

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