lunes, 30 de junio de 2014

Maria Corrales e Ignacio Gallego escriben para el blog

Visit to Glendalough

It means Valley of the two lakes and It's one of the most beautiful visitors destination, Glendalough is located in the Wicklow mountains National Park. It was created by a monk called St Kevin in the sixth century. Most of the buildings were constructed between the centuries V and X being restored in the nineteenth century. The monastery became an important pilgrimage center in the holy death. The monastery suffered several Vicking attacks but it suffered the worst looting in 1398 by the English.
We think Glendalough is a nice place where you can see a lot of religious monuments, the best for me it's the round tower, it's 33 metres tall. We walked around a lake about 1 hour this was great too. We saw a short film that was very interesting. We really like it, at the beginning it was sunny but then it was rainy but although the weather wasn't very good we had a good time and we would go back again.
By Maria Corrales and Ignacio Gallego

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