jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

Alberto Lopez-Rey escribe para el blog


The hurling is a national game in Ireland. It’s the fastest sport in the world in grass and it makes it very attractive.
To play hurling you have to put the “sliothar” in the hurley and transport it to the goal. The players can take the ball with the hand, with de hurley or on the floor. You can pass with the hand, with the foot or with the stick.

To score a goal you can raise the ball and score it between two posts and on one horizontal or you can score a goal like in football

The gaelic football is a Ireland popular sport. It’s the most popular with the hurling. In the gaelic football play 15 players in each team. The principal objective is score points hitting the ball with the hands and put it in the opponent’s goal.

All matches go on 60 minutes, in two parts of 30 minutes each one. The ball is like the football ones but heavier.

At the final, wins the team that have more points.

 I think that the gaelic football is easier to play than the hurling. And I prefer to play to the gaelic football because it looks like fun and hurling is more technical and everybody can’t play it, however, the gaelic football looks easy to play and you don’t have to know all the things about it. But I would like to play both and see  which one I like more.

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