martes, 15 de julio de 2014

Eduardo Gallego e Ignacio Ramos escriben para el blog


Last day , the 10th of July , we went to the Croke Park which is one of the biggest stadiums in Ireland. Croke Park is located in Dublin. We were visiting the stadium with a nice guide. First of all we were in the entrance taking some photographs, a thing very common in this tour . After we were watching a short video about the history of the stadium. In this stadium are played two tapes of sports: "Gaelic football" and "hurling". These ones are very common in Ireland. When the video finished, an employee of the stadium showed us the locker room where there was a few t-shirts... After that ,we went  inside the stadium , it was fantastic!! Today there are over 2700 GAA clubs throughout Ireland and overseas (Gaelic Athletic Association).  Ten minutes later , we climbed up until the highest part of the stadium. We have already finished , the last thing that we hadn't seen was the museum. The museum was very interesting , overcoat the games's zone! I'm the museum we could see all the teams that had played in the stadium and the prizes. Also there was a Hurley ,which is the thing that you used for play hurling and a sliotar that is the ball. 
In mi opinion, I think that the stadium is really amazing and I totally recommend to visit it. The thing that I really like from Croke Park is the middle of the stadium , because is huge and amazing. In the exit there is a little shop where yo can buy items related to the stadium. I didn't buy anything because , I forgot my wallet , however I would like to buy something. When we finished , we caught the train and we went home.

Eduardo Gallego Garcia-Rojo


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