martes, 8 de julio de 2014

Enrique del Valle escribe para el blog

          Match of football.


Last Wednesday we went to sport activities, many boys and girls played football.
We played a match against vascos’ boys. They had a more organized team than we, they attacked many times and one of them scored a goal. Then a second goal, the third and finally the fourth. When they scored the fourth Gerardo was our to goalkeeper which meant that Javi played as a striker. Before the end of the first half Javi scored a goal.
The second half started and Ismael, Luis, Valle and Isabel played in our team. Ismael organized the team in a few minutes, later we scored the second goal. We had possession and the opportunities. We were organized not like in the first part, a team without direction. After Andres scored the third goal. They were very angry and when Lara scored the fourth the excitement was great. When  it was twenty minutes to the end entered Diego,but few minutes leater they scored the fifth. At five minutes to the end Javi scored the draw and at the last minute we had a penalty that Diego transformed and we won the match.

            By Enrique Del Valle Villaverde.

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