martes, 15 de julio de 2014

Laura Sanchez escribe para el blog


Last Friday, we went shopping in O'connell Street. There was lots of different shops for young and old people, we went for a walk around the shops in small groups, in my group there was four people and we enteres in shops like gap (its hoodies are well known), forever 21, Aldo (that sells shoes and accessories), a make up store named MAC, the Irish version of primark called Penneys which is very good for students and tourists because it's very cheap, and finally we entered into Carrolls, the famous Irish souvenir shop where you can find anything related to the country and with a good price also.
When we finished shopping, we went to starbucks coffee and took a hot chocolate, it was delicious! 
In my opinion, the girls enjoyed more the shopping afternoon but the boys had fun too and bought many things.

Laura Sanchez

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