lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

Leire Garcia y Luis Gomez Chamorro escriben para el blog



On the 8th of July we went to the National History Museum. There were a lot of animals like birds, fish and insects. There we saw two floors: in the first floor we saw Irish animals and in the second floor we saw animals of all over the world. We saw very big animals like an elephant or a girafe and very small animals like buterflys or ladybugs. The bulding was built in 1856.

My opinion: I love this museum because I love animals but if you don't like animals, don't go there becouse there are a lot. It's a little bit oppressive but I loved it. 



The 8th of July we spent the morning in the national history museum ubicated in Dublin, exactly in Merrion street.
This museum had been closed during a long time and now it has been reopened. Firstly, we go to the first floor. This floor showed us the different species of animals such as birds, fish, insects...  Afterwards, we visited the second floor that it was more interesting There was skeletons , dinosaurs's skulls... and a huge whale too.
After the visit we returned home.
Althought the museum has lots of pictures and models, I think it is very boring. I wouldnt recommend visiting it because from my point of view it isnt suitable for people from my age.

By Luis Gomez Chamorro

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