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Lucia Canas del Viso e Ines Garcia escriben para el blog


Collins Barracks is a former military museum whose buildings are no parte of the Nacional Museum of Ireland. And It was the placer we visited on Tuesday.

During our visit, we could enjoyed watching and learning the irish  soldiers' history through some exhibitions about Irish coins and currency I personally liked or another one was "Out of Store",which is a double-heighy gallery designed to give the visitor an impresion of the range of artefacts beteewn others.

In my opinion this is one of the greatest military museum I have ever seen. It shows the irish military history through the time. I'm glad we could visit it because of  the importance for people from this country . It reminises the Irish civil war in 1918-1922 when  two opposing parties :Irish  republicans and Anglo-Irish teaty which still prevail in Ireland and many people keep loyalty todo them

By Ines Garcia Toledo


Collins Barracks Museum is the National Museum of Ireland. It esposes examples of silver, ceramics, glassuare, weaponry, furniture, folklife, clothing, jewellery, coins and medals. It is located in a former army barracks.
On the 3rd of July we went to the Collins Barracks Museum. Before entering the museum we sat down and have a snack, because we didn't have enough time at school. Then, we entered the museum, we saw two parts of it and of course, we took some photos. After that, we had ti catch the train to come back and... surprise! It was raining. But it didn't matter, we took our raincoats and umbrellas and went to catch the train. Later, we arrived to the school and everyone went back to their host houses.
In my opinion, the museum was interesting because the galleries help you to go further and look harder, but we are teenagers so, we were a bit bored.
By Lucia Canas del Viso

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