miércoles, 9 de julio de 2014

Maria Blanco y Maria Rodriguez escriben para el blog


On Tuesday we went to the Guiness Storehouse, and there we learned how the Guiness beer was made in the past, and how it's made in the present. Actually, it's made almost the same way, nothing has changed so much. First, we went into a room where we discovered wich were the ingredients of the beer. After that, we went to the next room, where we saw some videos that showed us the story of this famous beer. The last room was the transport one, there we saw the boats that were used for taking the beer across the sea. After seeing the rooms, we went to the cafe. It was at the top of the factory, and all the walls were made of glass, so we could see a big part of Dublin from there. In the end we went to the gift shop, and some of us bought some presents for ourselves or for our family and friends. I liked the visit to the factory because I found it interesting, it was great!
By Maria Blanco


On wednesday we were whatching an exposicion in the guiness factory. The best of the visit, in my opinion, was when all the group when to te top of the builder and take a lot of selfies with that views. We can't teast the bear so we have to came when we have 18 years for teast it. The  room that a like the most was wich we can see the primary ingredients like the wather, and the adverticement room where we took many photographs in the diferent places.
By Maria Rodriguez


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