jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

Valle Paramo escribe para el blog

Irish dancing or Irish dance is a group of traditional dance forms originating un Ireland. Irish dance can be divide further into a set dancing with varied formation of two to sixteen. This dancing is characterized by a controlled but not rigid body, straight arms, and quick movements of the feet.

This dancing was nice, the first time that we were practicing was Tuesday afternoon. While a lot of girls and Javier, were having a good time doing it, the rest of the boys were enjoying a football match.
It's a bit difficult because you have to move your legs, and also your feet very quickly.
On Wednesday night we were seeing an Irish dancing show with all the people of the school and we had the opportunity to practice with a good dance teacher.
It is fine because if you don't know the dance, you have spend a very entertaining time there and knowing a little more about the customs of Ireland.
I don't mind repeating it. It is very nice. We had a great day!

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