miércoles, 15 de julio de 2015

Aitana Gil y Andrea de la Fuente escriben para el blog

Last sunday we went to Malahide to do water sports. When we arrived they told us the rules and gave us wet suits. Most people have never dressed one so it was so difficult.
The group was divided into three small groups. We had three options that were: paddle surf, kayaking or sailing. Each group started doing one of them. I was in the group that started doing paddle surf, it was easy to be standing up but was difficult to go straight.
The second sport we did was sailing and this way very exciting but it was too cold so we didn't enjoy it very much. The last sport was kayaking and it was so funny because the teacher organized games and all people got wet. Afther that, we went in a train trip to see the Malahide Castle.
In my opinion, Saturday was the most exciting day because of all the different activities we did. I would like to repeat this day because everyone had fun.

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