viernes, 3 de julio de 2015

Celia Garcia-Minguillan escribe para el blog


Last Saturday we went to Powerscourt. The first thing that I saw it was a large mansion, from here you could go to Powerscourt gardens from where you could see everything.
The first place we were was the tower. The tower had a wall with small cannons that defended it. You could go up and you could see all Powerscourt.
 The next place we visited were the Chinese gardens which were beautiful with a lots of flowers and several bridges to go from one place to another, everything was super nice. To move to the main source we passed the wishing fountain, we saw stone stairs and the grotto, it was all very nice and interesting to visit once in your life.
Then when we arrived to the fountain in the center of gardens, we could see how great the mansion was in the distance. Before reaching the end there was the dolphin fountain in the entrance of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen with super large and colorful flowers.
At the end our visit we went to rest next on some slopes and some friends rolled down, it was very funny to see this and we laughed a lot. It was unforgettable.

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