lunes, 13 de julio de 2015

Gabriel Avalos escribe para el blog


Yesterday, we went to a trip to Croke Park, which is a very famous stadium in Dublin.
The Croke Park stadium is only used to play irish sports such as Hurling or Gaelic football. These sports are supported by the GAA, whic means Gaelic Athletic Association.
The main objective of this association is to use the irish sports to promote the irish culture.
When we went to the stadium, first we went to the GAA museum. There, we saw a documentary about the day of the final of Hurling and Gaelic football. I found it very interesting because it's very important to know that a very important match like this has hard work behind it.
Then, after the documentary, a very pleasant man guided us through the museum where the important cups were exposed. There were cups such as: Sam Maguire cup and Liam MacCarthy cup. There, were also exposed one glove and the trousers of Muhammed Ali, who fought there ,in the stadium.
After that, we went inside the pitch, on the terraces of course. There the guide man told us that the stadium could hold more or less 82000 people. After a few photos we went to a part of the museum in which we could play some games related to Hurling and Gaelic football, such as hitting a Hurling ball with a Hurling bat and trying to hit in a kind of dartboard.
Finally we went to the shop and saw some interesting souvenirs about the stadium and Gaelic sports.
Then, we took the bus and glad with our visit, we went home.
In my opinion,it was a very interesting trip, because we had the opportunity to know about two Irish Sport which were very interesting. We could also learn about the GAA and I think that the porpuse of the GAA, which is to let the Gaelic culture to known, is very important because it's always very interesting to know about others cultures.

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