miércoles, 15 de julio de 2015

Guillermo Campoy escribe para el blog


Yesterday was Sunday 12 and we all had a great time, the day start very early because we had to be at 8:45 in Killester station, we take the train and went to the city were we had to take “the Viking splash” that consist of a bus that could go into the water.
 When we arrived the bus wasn’t there so we all had to wait for until it came to a beautiful park we watched pigeons and ducks .We finally took the bus and we all had to wear a Viking helmet and shout things to the pedestrians, the driver was funny and give as very useful information of the important places in Dublin, then we arrived to a ramp that goes into the water. We dressed up with the life-jackets and went into the river, it was funny to see the bus in the river and we saw the houses that u2 use to record their music and other less interesting things as red sticks coming out from the ground (modern art).
When the Viking splash finished we started the walk to the Gaelic football match. We stopped in a street near the Spire to have a rest and something to eat. Then we started walking to Croke Park with other Spanish and Italian groups. We walked a bit and we arrived to the stadium. The match was very interesting and very rare to watch because we had never seen that sport before. Dublin scored 2-13 and Westmeath 0-06.
When the match finished we went to our own houses to prepare for a the last week in Dublin.

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