miércoles, 15 de julio de 2015

Jorge Ramirez y Alberto Tomas escriben para el blog

After the classes we stayed at school because all the school had sports day. The school was divided in four teams (red, yellow, black and blue). Our group was in the red team with others two groups.
All the teams went to the basketball court and there we did some activities of abilities that was a mix of a sports. The teams took 10 volunteers to do the activity. It was like a race and the winner was the first team which finished first the race. We did five races and we won some of them. And after we did the last.
We went outside and we did a kind of race whose participants had to take potatoes trying to be the fastest. Unfortunately, we didn't win.
After this, we returned to home and we had dinner.
In the evening, we went with the school to Howth to do a quiz with questions about the village and we had to answer with the help of the people. When everyone finished we went back home. It was a long and tiring but very enjoyable.


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