jueves, 2 de julio de 2015

Maria Blanco escribe para el blog


On Friday, our first day here, we went to the city center of Dublin. There we had our orientation.

 We visited some memorable places; first we went to the Spire, which is a famous monument that you can see from everywhere in Dublin since it is extremely high. When we went there, the group leaders showed us a statue that was in our way, it was a statue of a well known irish author.

We went through several commercial streets and then we went to the Temple Bar, even though we didn't enter its facade was nice and we liked it a lot, well, at least I did.

Finally we went through the "Half a penny" bridge, which receives its name from its past, because if you wanted to cross it you had to pay half a penny.

Before going home we visited the Trinity College, which is a famous university here in Dublin.

 I found this trip to the city very useful because in the next weeks we'll be visiting Dublin and we'll probably need to know where we are, so this trip would help. 

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