miércoles, 15 de julio de 2015

Pedro Jara y Victor Garcia escriben para el blog



DunLaoghaire is a seaside city in the south of Dublin. There is a famous market and a fairground too.

 Our trip started raining but not too much. We went walking to DunLaoghaire's market. The market sold much kinds of food, souvenirs... We were there for one hour but we didn't buy anything. Then we left the market to go to the harbour. There we took some photos, we would like to visit the lighthouse but we couldn't because there were some clouds coming.

 When the rain began to fall we stayed in a hotel but it was boring.
It stopped in fourty-five minutes so we came back to the market to have lunch there. Some people bought a hamburger, other some biscuits or they drank a coffee.

 After, we arrived to a fairground where we got onto the big wheel, the views were fantastic. But we didn't have time to get into all the attraction.

 *Victor's opinion:
It was a wonderful day with a lot of experiences but we should visit more places there and stay more time at the fairground.

 *Pedro's opinion:
I think that DunLaoghaire is a good place to go to visit because it has a lot of places to see, fairground, the market and other places that are very beautiful but that we could't visit.

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