viernes, 3 de julio de 2015

Ruben Garcia escribe para el blog


Last Sunday we went to Howth. Howth is a fishing village located on the east of Ireland and on the north of Dublin.

First of all we visited the market,where we got some food. There were also magnets, wood things and toys.

Then we saw a bagpipes championship. There were a lot of people playing bagpipes and drums and wearing Scottish skirts.

We sat in a the grass to have lunch. The seagulls tried to eat our food. That was funny.

After that, we went for a stroll through the promenade until the lighthouse. I didn't enjoy it because of the wind.

Then we came back to the village and we went to visit the castle. We only saw it outside.

Then went for a walk to the golf and foot golf club (Foot golf is the same as golf but y footballs and using the feet). We found a ball and we played football.

Then we returned to the village and we came back home.

To sum up, it was a good day visiting a beautiful village.
I'm looking forward to coming back there to eat the famous fish and chips.


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