martes, 5 de julio de 2016

Alvaro Duenas: Sports Day & Howth Walking Quiz

Wednesday 29th June  

Sports Day & Howth Walking Quiz

On Wednesday we were doing some sports after classes. The boys went to play football, but suddenly it started raining so we had to go to the gym and we were playing basketball until it stopped raining. We had fun with Mark and Simon who are two of the staff members of the school. Then it started raining again so we went to the games room and we did a table tennis tournament, it was so fun. Then the girls arrived, they were doing yoga. They said it was so funny and relaxing and they liked it so much. 

After the dinner, we went to Howth, a village near the sea.We went to Howth by train and Daniel a staff member came with us. It was fantastic. We did a quiz. We made some groups and we were asking questions to all the people we saw in the street. The quiz consisted of asking questions to the people of the village and the first who had answered all the questions won. The first prize was an ice cream and the second prize was free popcorn.  Aitana, Valentina and Paula's team won the first prize and Victor and Ruben's team won the second prize.

By Alvaro Duenas Peula

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